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Are you prepared for a Hurricane?

Hurricane season is upon us. Are you ready?? Here are some things you should prepare.

  1. Prepare and practice an evacuation Plan
  2. Buy supplies such as water, food, clothing, blankets, first aid kit, batteries, a battery operated radio, and a flashlight. Also plywood to cover windows if you do not have hurricane shutters. Don’t wait for the last minute.
  3. Check your Insurance Policy. Make sure it includes flood and wind insurance.
  4. Make copies of Important papers and keep in waterproof container. Insurance policy, birth certificates, ss cards, proof of ownership of homes, cars, and boats.
  5. Make sure you have some cash! When power goes out, many banks may not be open. Restaurants, stores, etc may not have internet access to accept credit cards or debit cards.
  6. Fuel.  Have some extra fuel for your car and/or generator.

Stay safe!


Melanie Lacerna

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