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Remodeling your bathroom?

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, read this article first. Then contact NewEge Realty to get your house on the market!

10/19 Homes and Land

October/November Homes and Land Magazine is currently out in stands and online. Click on the link below to view the Homes and Land online and contact us if you would like to see any of these properties.

7 Improvements

Here is a good video to watch with Improvement you can make before putting your house on the market. When you are ready, give us a call. 386-428-8550

10 ways to prepare your home for sale

10 ways to prepare your home for sale

Buyers are looking for the best home for the money, so make sure your home is in pristine condition. Use these tips to get your home into shape and wow potential buyers. Improve your landscaping. Curb appeal is crucial to a good first impression, so make sure your home’s lawn is immaculate. Mow the lawn, trim […]

Why get a home inspection?

Why get a home inspection?

Buying a house may be one of the largest and most exciting investments anyone will make. That’s why you do not want your excitement to turn into disappointment because you discovered after moving in that the central air conditioning system no longer works or the roof leaks. Having a home inspection performed could help to […]

What is Title Insurance?

What is Title Insurance?

So what exactly is “title insurance?” Well, when a property is financed, bought or sold, a record of that transaction is generally filed in public archives. Likewise, records of other events that may affect the ownership of a property, like liens or levies, are also archived. When you buy title insurance for your property, a […]

Save some money in 2019

Is your New Years resolution to save some money this year? Here is a tip. Unplug vampire appliances! What are vampire appliances? The are appliances and electronics that are off, but still plugged in. Examples are Flat Screen TV’s, Home Computers, Video game consoles, printers, DVD players,cell phone/ tablets, toasters and other small kitchen appliances. […]

Curb appeal is important, but so is the entryway

When staging your home for sale, make the potential buyers feel welcome and fall in love with your home on first entry.  You will also want to make it is functional as it is a high traffic area. This is a place where you will need to put your keys, mail, shoes and umbrella’s.  You […]